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Stay tuned in with all the latest Fin-S happenings. We are constantly doing exciting things like event, promotions, new video, and photos.

Watch the Heliewa session with Fin-S team athlete Joel Centeio. Joel quickly changes his fins mid session to change up his stick.

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Watch Jesse ride with finesse!

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Watch Sunny chat about Fin-S fin system during the Bud Light Lime Surf Series(BLLSS) Oceanside Event. The video content located here on and Sunny comes up around the 8:17 mark: Sunny Talks about Fin-S at the BLLSS 2012 Oceanside, CA event 


Clip of Sunny talking is here:


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Watch the video here to see how to install Fin-S into a surfboard. 

Fin-S Installation Video

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Scott and Chad Surf Expo TWB

Transworld Busness Interviews Fin-S Founders on Innovation

Video included in post.

See the actual article here:

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Jesse Merle Jones in Fox Video Riding Fin-S

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Here's a quick video clip of how easy it is to use the Fin-S Fin tool-less fin system: 

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